Having a business may be one thing that can keep you alive. Some prefer to use the traditional way of doing business which is to have a brick wall store but it surely will cost a lot. In today’s world, almost every corner of the world has gone through development of technologies which includes gadgets such as mobile phones, computers and better internet connection. These technologies have contributed a lot especially in the business sector. It is mainly because it helps to ease their business from promoting to sending it to the customers.

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But it is not easy to start a business in this pandemic. So, I have few things to share on how to start an online business. Why online business? Because you won’t want to spend a lot of money renting a store without people knowing your business first.

1.       Why?

Before start selling any goods, make sure you are clear with your objective. Some people start a business just to fill their leisure time and some people start a business as their side job to get extra income. So, acknowledge your main objective before starting anything as it will determine how much effort you will have to put in later.

2.       Know your product and business nature.

To know your business nature is very important because you will have to know how to promote your business and sell your products. As an example, photo editing does not really require you to have a website but you will have to prepare a portfolio for your customers. As for being a reseller, you will need to have a website or at least a social media account to promote your business but you don’t have to prepare any portfolio.

3.       Sign up for a business course.

Improve your knowledge before starting any business. You would want your business to be in the long run so take a business course beforehand. This is to make sure you are fully prepared to get into the business sector. Nowadays, there are a lot of business courses that we can take online so grab your chance to be a better business owner.

4.       Determine your platform.

Online platforms such as websites, Instagram, Twitter, Shopee and TikTok are commonly used now especially by the young online business entrepreneur. Learn how the algorithm works and make use of it extensively so it will be beneficial for you.

5.       Plan how to keep data.

Basically, you have to keep all important data that is related to your business. Not only will make it easier for you to track any flaws but will also help to keep your customers’ data easily. This will also help if any inconvenience or accidents like accidentally deleted all data. If it happens, services like data backup services Malaysia will help you to get back your missing or deleted data.

6.       Promote and advertise your business

As a new business, the only people who would probably know about it are you family and friends. You will have to plan how to promote your business. You can use Instagram and Twitter to post about your products and also make videos on TikTok to make it more attractive. Make sure to use every possible platform to expand your business market.

Starting a business is not as easy as you think. You will have to be mentally and emotionally ready to face any possibilities that could happen to your business in the future. So, make sure to practice all the tips given to help you be a better entrepreneur. Good luck with your new business!

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