As we all been fighting with recent pandemic, Covid-19, everyone has to find their own ways to survive because there are some of us that have been dismissed from their work because their company can’t afford to pay their salary. After the recent restricted movements order that been held for three months, everyone has been struggling to survive because of the economic issue. Some of us have started their own business to survive all of this. If you also one that is affected by this problem, why not you also start your own business? The easiest thing to sell is food. Food is one thing that people will find every single day. You can either sell the main dish or the side dish. If you happen to be successful in your business, try to open your own restaurant because it will help you to expand your own business bigger than it is now. Before opening your own restaurant, you will have to attend kursus pengurusan restoran because it will help you or anyone who is managing your restaurant can manage it with the right steps and procedures. It will prevent any mismanagement within your restaurant itself. 

Start your own business means you will work yourself and did not work under anyone else unless you are working under your family business. You also did not have to wait until the end of the month for your salary because you can get paid almost every day depending on yourself. You just need to struggle in the start-up of the business until it stable enough for you to hire someone and expand your business bigger than before. If you also have the intention to be one of the richest people in our country, you can also start open your business now because you can never be rich by working under someone else. If before this you payments and salaries depending on your performance in the company, but if you open your business, you can’t get any profits if you are not doing any progress or put your own effort into it. You need to work your own self to make your business standing and stable for a long period of time. also, if you are opening your own business, it means you did not have any weekend holiday or annual leave because, in the early of the business, you have to struggle and put as many efforts you can for your business to stand. If you fail to do that, you will also fail your own business. 

We understand that business is not for everyone. One must prepare their body and mentality at the highest point in order to face a lot of hardships in business. The hardship is not only within early of your business but it also will happen any time while you doing your business such as you been lied by your business partner or your employee steal your money after you expand your business. That is why one must prepare their mentality at the highest because they can be giving up after some hardship come for them.

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