Mothering is a crucial and significant aspect of a child’s life. It involves nursing, nurturing, and all the in-betweens of a mother-child relationship that can only be understood by the two. Motherhood is challenging, too, and having a baby can take a heavy toll on the body. It is not easy to give birth, be it caesarean or natural birth. They both require a lot of effort and the body is under continuous strain from the time the baby is in the womb to even postnatal stages. Several women experience hair loss, weight fluctuations, loose teeth and hormonal imbalances. While some effects require medical intervention, here we have a list of different mother care products Malaysia that can make the road to feeling like you again a bit smoother.

1.     Nipple creams

Nursing is an intimate process. The baby and the mother bond through physical touch and it is a beautiful moment for both. But sometimes, feeding can be uncomfortable. The nipple can experience cracking and swelling, and the breast area can start to ache. This is often the case for new mothers who are in their early weeks of feeding. It is a discomfort when feeding or when pumping milk and takes away the special moment between mother and child. What can be done to smooth the process? Try recommended nipple creams. These are safe for babies and help heal the broken skin while reducing the ache of your breasts.

mother care products Malaysia

2.     Scar removal creams

Birth requires growth, mental and physical. While your mind prepares you for motherhood your body does the same, accumulating fat to insulate yourself and your baby and expanding to keep up with the growth of your little human. Stretch-mars are a common occurrence. Do not be embarrassed of your stretch marks. They are a testament to your growth and the beginning of your role as a mother. But if you don’t really want them you can try removal creams and serums. These are absorbed by your skin to reduce the appearance while keeping you healthy and your body toxin-free so that your milk supply is not affected. They work well for all skin types and oftentimes only depends on your length of usage and consistency.

3.     Vitamin supplements and iron tablets

Mothers, after birth, experience a lot of blood loss and post-natal bleeding is expected and the doctors often provide pads for the heavy leakage. But this blood loss can result in a severe loss of minerals and micronutrients like vitamins and iron. Iron tablets can be purchased easily, but do consult a doctor before you do so, so that they advise the safest supplements. Vitamin supplements are also a good source, as while you are feeding, your body is supplying food for two. Supplements are also relatively affordable, but remember that these supplements are not as good as getting your nutrients from natural sources like meat and vegetables. Try to incorporate more of these in your diet to help.

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