A package deal provides an affordable bundle of many services and a TM Unifi package can afford you an enjoyable fast and smooth wi-fi experience while still falling within your monthly budget. It is an affordable payment plan that works mainly for students, graduates and individuals who live alone or even small and large businesses ready to take their brand to the world.

As a student, an affordable package allows you to use the internet for research, assignment submissions and interaction with your peers and instructors if you require assistance or simply want to chat with friends on a video-call. It is the perfect package to meet your financial needs while still providing the ultimate wi-fi quality so you can watch your favourite shows on your preferred streaming service or play games online with players from across the globe. 

TM Unifi Package

There are three main packages for personal or household use to select from with prices ranging from 90 to 190 MYR per month while still providing the best possible experience for your home. And if you decide that you want to upgrade to another package there are easy steps to follow to ensure you make the best decision for yourself. 

Applying for packages is easy, with instructions listed below each one. Simply read through the details of the package (that is, the speeds and data usage) and select accordingly. The larger packages will come with higher upload and download speeds and some may include television service provision. With this, you will be able to access your favourite T.V shows from anywhere as long as you are connected to wi-fi.

The packages are not only for personal use. They are also available for businesses large and small, with prices ranging from 140 MYR to 300 MYR per month. Wi-fi is a crucial component of many businesses as it gives them a strong social media presence to boost their recognition. Furthermore, businesses can optimise their strategies by connecting with various social media platforms, offering a chance to interact with their clients or customers to provide a better service or grow their business through partnerships with other larger brands. If the business itself is based online, a package deal provides all the same properties as any other company to boost its connection with its partners and clientele. 

Applying for your preferred package deal is easier than ever. It is affordable and convenient without any hassle or hidden payments. As soon as you submit the documents, the process begins right away and once it has been installed, you can enjoy your well-earned wi-fi right away! If you are uncertain, any questions you have can be answered by friendly customer service or support via email or phone to ensure you understand the entire process and the benefits you gain from signing up for an internet package.

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