Calling all the seller also those who want to be a seller on the online platform. Why online platform? It is because you get more audience that might be your next target customer. Well, it is important for us to know about our target audience and we also must keep updating the trend product on social media. Do you know people love to buy trendy products even though they do not need them. Now, let’s see the trends products that are trending on social media nowadays. 

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  1. Exercise Band

As we know 2020 is the pandemic time and because of that, all the gym is closed but people still want to workout so why not sell the exercise band or any workout equipment. 

  1. Peel-Off Mask

The pandemic also makes people have so much free time and many people try to fulfill their free time by trying to take care of their skin. Peel off mask is one of the popular product nowadays because it is suitable for all genders plus it can remove your dead skin and help to balance the pigmentation. 

  1. Wireless Phone Charger

This is quite a popular device in the technology category on eCommerce. Well, people actually fed up with the normal charger plus the charger cable always broken and needs to replaced as soon as possible but with wireless, there is no more worry about the cable anymore. Plus, you can save your time to plug in the cable to your phone because using the wireless charger you just need to put the phone at the charger port and it will charge your phone. 

  1. Strapless Backless Bra

For those who love to wear an off-shoulder top, this is the most thing that they need because they do not want the bra strap to appear when they wearing the off-shoulder top. The strapless bra also comfortable to war and it is a good bra to sell to your customer plus now there are many people who love to wear a sleeveless dress. 

  1. Child Wrist Leash

Many parents lose their children especially when they at the mall. Kids love to wandering around because there are many things that can catch their eyes such as model statues, lights, escalators, and many more irrelevant things. It actually can be really dangerous to the kids especially when they still at a young age. To avoid the unfortunate scenario you should sell this item to the parents who always lose their children or to the parent’s kids that always wandering around. 

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